BB&N Insights

Would love to hear any and all insights into BB&N. I have a rising 9th grade daughter who has been accepted. She loves sports, is social, and does really well in school but hasn’t yet discovered a love for learning. Wondering about culture, social life, college placement, reputation, academic rigor, etc.

Thank you.

I have no “insights”, but:

  1. BB&N is a reputable school. Your daughter was accepted, so they think your daughter has the aptitude to succeed there.
  2. College placement is dependent on the applicant. I’m sure that BB&N, like all the other Boston area prep school, has competent college counselling that is individually focused. Your child’s college applications will have the benefit of input from someone who actually knows her, and who has the time to work with her. This is not always the case in public school.

Your child is an individual. Whether BB&N is a better match for her than the alternative(s) is only something that someone who knows her well can assess. What did she think of her tour and/or revisit? Does the school’s values align with your family’s values? Is there anything about the school that excites her?

Do you have any insight into why she has not developed a love of learning?

Thank you. I’m not looking for advice on whether the school is a good fit. Just hoping to learn more about the school from people with experience or knowledge about it.

D has been in a large public school within individualized attention. I think she has just gotten a little lost in the crowd. I fully expect that she’ll thrive in a smaller school where the teachers get to know her.


Omg that’s hilarious! I would have been a rising 9th this year if I hadn’t left to attend Philips Andover. I attended from 7th-8th grade and made a lot of wonderful friends.

Not everyone there is a genius, but generally the student population tends to be clean cut and very articulate/polite, although i’ve heard many of the weaker students leave before high school as the coursework gets more demanding. There are a few bad apples just like anywhere, but they’re pretty easily avoidable.

Reputation wise, BB&N isn’t quite on par with say, Nobles or Milton, but is definitely close (at least for the middle school). I, again, have heard the high school is more rigorous.

Socially, there’s a little bit of everything (preppy, nerdy, jockish). The middle school isn’t particularly artsy, and there is a pretty big emphasis on athletics, which is great because your daughter loves sports. It is a bit of a ‘rich kid’ school though, although how much it matters really depends on what social group you’re in.

In terms of college placement, going to BB&N probably won’t automatically get her into top colleges unless she works quite hard. BB&N is considered a good school, but not rigorous enough to compensate for poor grades or ECs. Like many private schools, lots of my/her classmates are legacies to Harvard, MIT, etc which may make things competitive.

Overall, BB&N is a wonderful school and I really enjoyed my time there. I’m confident your daughter will thrive there, and maybe even become friends with some of mine. It sounds like a great fit for her, and I wish both of you the best!

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I disagree. I think they are all about the same reputation wise.


I agree. One of my boys graduated from BB&N and the other from Milton and the academic program at BB&N was more rigorous. Opportunity for more AP classes (and college credit). Milton’s college placement list includes lots of recruited athletes who are boarders from all over the world and repeat a year so they can go to Ivy, D1 or NESCAC schools.


Interesting! For a kid like me at BB&N, Milton is considered just slightly more prestigious, probably because it’s just a larger school (that also takes boarders). It’s not necessarily better, but has more of a rep. Same with Nobles. Nobles has amazing PR and has really worked for its reputation (i.e. sending 20+ kids to harvard in the last 3 years, etc) when most of that is owed is their phenomenal girls hockey team and strong theatre program (or so i’ve heard- not sure). Neither of these schools are necessarily better, but they have built up their reputations.