BB Writing Section page 603 #25

<p>number 25)
The exchange between the teacher and the student promotes learning far different from that which results as the student listens but does not participate. No error. </p>

<p>Why is the answer C and not B? shouldn't it be an adverb.</p>

<p>number 29)
Available through the school's guidance office is a job directory and a list of job referal centers that provide | information for students in need of employment.</p>

<p>29 really confused me and I had a hard time picking A or B but i saw the a after is and i thought is would work out there and instead it's provides.. so eh explain</p>

<p>28) learning is not a verb in this case. 'Promotes' is.
'as' should be corrected to 'if'.</p>

<p>29) 'provide' is for the list of job referal centers only. So it should be corrected to 'provides'.</p>

<p>The error in 29 is A because "is" is being paired with "job directory" and "referral centers". This is obviously incorrect. The word "provide" is fine because it refers to "centers" and "directory".</p>

<p>The order of the original sentence is "A job directory and a list of job referral centers that ~ are available through the school's guidance office" so the noun is plural and the 'be' verb shouldn't be 'is' but 'are'. So (A) is the answer.</p>

<p>Thanks Islander4 for the correction :)</p>