BB2 and Online Course Questions!

<p>So, this is what I know so far:</p>

<p>BB has 8 Practice tests.
BB2 has 10 Practice tests, 3 of which are new.
The Online Course has 6 practice tests.</p>

<p>Question 1:
Does the online course have explanations for the BB2 tests yet? Or do they just have explanations for the BB tests?</p>

<p>Questions 2:
How many different tests are there? Are there 17 tests, or does the online course have tests that are already in BB/BB2?</p>

<p>Thanks! I'm waiting for a quick reply, because I still have to order the BB2!</p>

<p>Can't help with Q1. As for Q2, the three real tests in BB2 haven't been released before, and the current online course tests are different from both the old blue book and real SATs. So, unless the online tests are being changed, that gives you 16 different tests.</p>