BBA vs. B Com

<p>I applied to UofT to both programs. I was just wondering what the difference between the two programs are. I know they are at different campuses and the BBA includes a co-op program. Some people have told me that the B Com is a better program and its at St. George which is the best campus. They have also said the Scarborough campus is the worst campus in UofT.</p>

<p>just got into BCom TODAY! =D
im excited</p>

<p>Scarborough is the worst campus because of the city it's in. nothing to do with the campus itself. it's like saying Yale suck because it's in new haven which is not exactly the greatest city either. that said, do you want co-op? generally scarborough's program is considered stronger than the one downtown.</p>

<p>ok thanks...but isn't the downtown program part of Rottman which is more pretigious? Also how is the eco program at Scarborough</p>

do you want co-op? generally scarborough's program is considered stronger than the one downtown.


<p>I wasn't aware that the St. George campus even has a co-op program. </p>

<p>tanveer, generally speaking, most students would rather be at the St. George campus, if their program is available there, given the choice. Rotman School of Management is the grad business school at U of T. It does, however, jointly offer the undergrad Commerce program at St. George with the Faculty of Arts and Science.</p>

<p>The St. George campus doesn't have co-op.
@alwaysmom From what I have heard Rotman isn't really related to the undergrad program and also the St. George campus is better for science and engineering. The scarborugh campus is better for business. Is this true? Can you maybe tell me which one employers prefer? do they bother to distinguish between the two?</p>

<p>tanveer, as I said, the Commerce program at St. George is jointly run by Rotman and FAS, so it is related in that way. I don't know which grads an employer would prefer. A U of T degree is well-respected, regardless of the campus you attend. The St. George campus is the main U of T campus, and it is in a great location in the downtown area, with wonderful access to all that the city offers. The outlying satellite campuses in Scarborough and Mississauga are not as popular for obvious reasons. I don't know of any program at the St. George campus that is not well-respected so I wouldn't say that only science and engineering are better. This is not the case. If I'm misunderstanding you, I apologize.</p>

<p>Because the Scarborough has co-op it's considered a bit more prestigious. but yes overall a U of T degree is a U of T degree. but the co-op would also be good for graduate school if you are planning for your MBA or just to get a job after you graduated, the experience would help.</p>

<p>As a U of T student you can take courses on any campus. </p>