BC Calc or Stat

<p>Im a junior, and Im taking AP Calculus AB right now. Course selection is coming up, and It's come down to me taking either AP Statistics, or AP Calculus BC next year. Which should I do? I don't plan on majoring in math/ science, but I still want to take rigorous classes in both, so would colleges prefer if I further honed my skills at calc, or moved to new curriculum in stat?</p>

<p>If you are not going to major in math and science, and still want to take rigorous classes, I'd say go for the BC Calc class. BC Calc is considered to be much harded than Statistics (though Statistics AP is a great class, I took it with BC Calc) and it would look good on your college application.</p>

<p>Colleges do prefer calculus, ultimately. But the decision is really up to you. :)</p>

<p>Note that AP Statistics is not calculus based, which means it is a dead end class and not a prerequisite for statistics courses for a math or science major.</p>

<p>Take both, but if you can only take one and are looking for a class that is both tough and viewed as such by colleges, go with Calc BC.</p>

<p>Statistics is more useful than Calculus in other majors, but it's not rigorous at all.</p>

<p>Definitely take BC Calc, as you can waive more classes in college with is. Many colleges don't accept AP Stat as a course. And in the off chance that you do want to change majors, you'll have a good foundation in calculus</p>

<p>Statistics is good to know, but the AP course, as mentioned above, may not be sufficient to fulfill requirements for some majors in college.</p>

<p>Whether BC (second semester freshman calculus, since you already have AB) will be helpful to you depends on your likely major in college.</p>