BC Chances

<p>I applied to BC as a freshman and got into their honors program. However, I decided to go to MIT and got horrible grades and was unhappy there. Now I want to go to BC.</p>

<p>My HS record was stellar, but my college not so much. What do you think my chances are for fall 2008. I'm applying to be a junior there in the fall.</p>


<p>How bad are your MIT grades?</p>

<p>How are your grades at MIT? I'm also applying for transfer to BC.</p>

<p>As am I...BC actually had a 3.0 GPA requirement for transfers. I don't know how bad your grades were, but if your cumulative GPA is below a 3.0, I wouldn't bother.</p>

<p>3.0? woww that's it? I was under the impression that BC was elite like top-notch and requireddd say a 3.5 for transfer admission</p>

<p>^uh...a 3.0 is to just apply. You don't usually get in with a 3.0.</p>

<p>"The transfer admission process at Boston College is higly selective. A minimum G.P.A. of a 3.0 is required to submit a transfer application. Increased competition in recent cycles has resulted in mean grade point averages higher than 3.6 among admitted students. "</p>

<p>Transfer</a> Admission Procedures - Boston College</p>

<p>yeah, sorry if I was vague. If your college GPA is below a 3.0, they don't even read your app. The average is apparently between a 3.6 and a 3.7, so admission is very competitive.</p>