BC Chances

<p>Hi, I was accepted to BC Honors Program as a frosh. I decided to go to go to MIT, got bad grades and was really unhappy there. Now I wish I went to BC.</p>

<p>I’m applying to BC for the fall of 2008. My hs record and ec’s are stellar, and my scores are very good too. My SAT scores are almost 200 pts higher than their avg score for accepted transfer students last year. Like I said though, my college grades have not been very good.</p>

<p>What do you think my chances are? I’m applying to be a junior btw.</p>

<p>i think they will take into account MIT's hard curriculum in considering u, but i think it depends what those grades are</p>

<p>B or something in a math or bio course would be acceptable, but not so much in a fluff course. So i think it depends where ur grades fell, and how involved u were in school</p>

<p>My daughter has a 34 on the ACT and 3.87/4.6 GPA at a tough school and all available AP classes, 2- 4's and 2- 5's on AP exams, great extracurricular and leadership, and a published science abstract. What are her chances at BC considering her GPA is not extraordinary?</p>

<p>I'd put together a very compelling essay and try to get some good recs to get BC to accept you as a transfer regardless of the gpa - you didn't say what it was, but knowing what I do about MIT it could be bad. MIT is not for everyone, I know a couple of people who dropped out the 1st semester, they both hated it for different reasons. I don't know if BC does this, but can you schedule a meeting with someone in Admissions? Or have you been in contact with any of the profs at BC in your major to find out more about the courses and how you could contribute?</p>