BC Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Also, did they specifically say ED applications? Could the spike include the early applicants who are looking to qualify for the Gabelli scholarship but are under regular decision?

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For those of you asking,

On this page, it says enrollment deposit is due by 12/10

On this page, it says enrollment deposit is due 10 days after acceptance is announced


Is anyone else unable to login to their portal right now? When I try it says login failed even though I definitely am putting in the right info

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yes, we had the same thing occur here, too

Mine works. Also yeah they said the number of ED1 applicants for this year is roughly double compared to last year. This was from a webinar when my BC regional counselor did a virtual info session visit like 2 weeks ago. They didn’t say anything abt gabelli or RD

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Does anyone know why they haven’t tweeted about the decision day (assuming it’s this week)?

I noticed the same thing. They have in years past. Hopefully they still plan on releasing the results this week.

Are they doing any other webinars? I’d join one.

The webinar was for my school only. Also if they actually got double the ED applicants it would make sense for them to take longer to go through them so decisions might not be ready this week

@cmsk2014, I’m not sure.
they sent that email sent a couple weeks ago saying they’d be out early December, anyone know if that is new this year and they did that instead?

I would be really surprised if the number of ED I apps are double that of last year. That number would be even higher than ED I and ED II combined last year. I could see 15-20% total ED I & II increase over last year, maybe? Just a thought-anything is possible I guess.


6:30 pm On what day???

Maybe there is hope for tomorrow night…

Also, would anyone on here be interested in sharing stats/chancing?

It’s been the first Thursday of December for the past two years.

Does anyone have sources that say that the application number is doubling this year?

Totally agree. Seems almost not feasible, not sure though.

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UVA only has 1 ED (also EA and RD), and this year ED increased about 17% according to the numbers their Dean J released on insta. Their estimated EA app numbers increased about 7% if my math is correct. Makes me give pause to the BC ED I numbers doubling that someone said an AO mentioned…

I saw that, too. University of Georgia’s EA applications saw an increase of 3%. Yale saw a decrease of about 600 applications. UVA seemed by far the highest increase of any school who has released numbers.

sry idk ¯_(ツ)_/¯ the ED1 numbers doubling is just what I hear from the admissions person from BC. They were just like “our ED admissions numbers doubled from last year”

Maybe that means they accepted double the number of students :slight_smile: