BC Financial Aid Help! My Dad works abroad

<p>Hi, so the website for Boston College says that they require a signed copy of my parents' federal tax returns if I want to be considered for financial aid. The only problem is that my dad says that he has not filed a tax return form since he does not work in the US and my mom is unemployed.... So I'm not sure what to do, someone please help me!</p>

<p>Call up the admissions office (or have your mom do it)- they are surprisingly helpful!</p>

<p>oops i meant financial aid office. admissions would probably just redirect you to there.</p>

<p>the people at the financial aid office are super nice and helpful. I called in a panic the other day, but she made sure to explain that those deadlines are really just "deadlines" and just to get everything in as soon as we can...I am sure they will answer your questions kindly as well. Emailing them helps too! good luck!</p>