BC financial aid

<p>Has anyone else received an email from BC referring to the financial aid application and link where you can check if there's anything missing? Does everyone get this or could it maybe mean something?</p>

<p>I received the same link, which allowed me to view my financial aid package. I suspect everyone gets notice.</p>

<p>Yup, D got one quite some time back, that may be because she has applied for EA</p>

<p>cahsparent, do you mean early action? was she accepted?</p>

<p>xodance, don't mean to **** on your parade but it isn't a sign of a favorable admissions decision. I got one too, as did everyone else who applied for financial aid. It's simply a way for one to check to make sure all the requirements have been submitted. I've heard that the financial aid office is independent of the admissions office. I got a similar email from Brown during the ED Round but it didn't mean anything as I was deferred.</p>

<p>i figured that, but wasn't sure when some other people were saying otherwise. thanks</p>

<p>@xodance, Yes she was accepted in the Honors program. azavras does have a point too.</p>

<p>thats awesome, congrats & yes azavras does.</p>

<p>anyone viewing this thread: just comment if you got it too!</p>