BC or Northeastern

<p>I got into both, and Im just not sure what to go for. </p>

<p>Bc has a better reputation, higher rankings, their business program is excellent. Great sports teams and school spirit. BUT they gave me only 5000 dollars a year. Yeah, my family cant dish out 48000 a year. </p>

<p>NEU has a good program, the coop program and job placement rankings are superb.
I got into the honors program and that means honors housing. Gave me 15K a year plus about 8 or 9K in inancial aird after that. BUT no sports or reputation reallly</p>

<p>any help?

<p>Go to NU. BC may have a good reputation but it also has a rep for being snobby. My son and I are very impressed with NE and if he got the money you got he would go. The honors dorms there are awesome and you can't beat the location. Also, it is the number one co-op school.</p>

<p>I was accepted into both NEU and BC. Personally, if it weren't for Northeastern's paltry financial aid, I would probably elect to go there instead of BC.</p>

<p>Go to the school that you feel good about. The "vibe" you get from a school is quite important in making a proper decision.</p>

<p>And also, for the money you are getting, NEU should be a no brainer.</p>

<p>Personally I would take BC. NEU is a good school, but not for me. If you like the idea of Co-op go to NEU. If you are unsure about it then I would def. look at BC. If money is a problem apply for scholarships or loans.</p>