BC parties/social life

<p>Can any current students/alum/incoming students tell me a little bit about the social life and parties at BC? I heard they weren't that good...</p>

<p>I think BC has a very social atmosphere. A lot of BC students have a word-hard, play-hard mentality. There are on-campus and off-campus parties, as well as local bars and clubs that provide students with fun weekend activities. BC does not have a Greek system though, so if that's what you're looking for, you won't find it here.</p>

<p>Social life is rough for freshmen but with each year it gets a million times better. My advice would just be to get really involved as early as you can to make relationships with upperclassmen so that way they will invite you to parties. You won't find very many good, open parties. If you find a party that's letting a lot of freshmen in it will probably be gross.</p>

<p>I would also like to know more about this. I heard that BC has become really strict when it comes to alcohol and drugs... the fact that there are no fraternities seems to suck, but at the same time I hear that there are plenty of parties going on. Can anyone give some insight into why there are contrasting views on this or how the whole party scene works without fraternities?</p>

<p>^good question im interested to hear the answer</p>

<p>I'm actually interested in this as well. I passed up on Colgate which has a more open and grounded party scene, but I'm still hoping to find some sort of quality parties at BC. Some people have said they suck and others say they are pretty good as far as a school like BC goes. It's kind of unanimous that the BCPD is unnecessarily strict though.</p>

<p>You guys will be in a city. If you go imto the city of boston there will be plentynof parties. I really dont get why you are so concerned about this. The common, fanuel hall and cambridge all have great bars and clubs.</p>

<p>Well, underage drinking IS illegal, so BCPD has an obligation to defend it as a part of the law. I don't see how other schools, with established police departments, would be any different.</p>

<p>BC is not strict on underage alcohol consumption. It appears that many of you think that BCPD does sting operations on underage students, but they don't. Alcohol consumption is generally reported by the RAs or recorded if you end up in a bed in the infirmary. The majority of the RAs don't care if you drink or not. With that being said, don't be stupid about it (make tons of noise when the RAs patrol, drink in excess of your capacity, etc.) and you should be fine. There is a list of sanctions imposed by BC if you are caught, but you get a few chances before you get into any serious trouble.</p>

<p>As for parties, chances are you'll know someone with a fake ID that can get you alcohol, but your parties are generally limited to freshman. Go out and make friends with new people. Join different clubs across the campus, get to know some of the upperclassmen, and you'll be partying it up with them.</p>

<p>As someone who doesn't drink, just wondering if there is a lot of pressure to drink or is it avoidable?</p>

<p>You are talking strictly in terms of dorm drinking. Can you explain to me why there were 4 police officers basically proctored Newton Prom, which was about 350-400 people? To "snipe" people who looked intoxicated. I know people from my own floor who were thrown out of a soccer game because a cop sniped them with a brown fluid (beer) in water bottles. </p>

<p>BCPD are most certainly trained and proactive about punishing underage drinking, which is by no means a bad thing. Once again, it is the law. Obviously cops won't be walking up and down dorm halls to get people for drinking in dorms. That is just silly. Of course RAs will have that job. As aforementioned, there is a difference between in-house drinking and public event drinking. </p>

<p>And as far as pressure to drink, yes, you will probably feel like you should at least once or twice in your first semester at BC. But, there are plenty of friend groups which don't drink. It just takes awhile to find those groups. All of this is no different from any other college.</p>

<p>If you go out and get hammered at a sporting event, wouldn't you attract more attention than necessary? The same applies here. Like I said, don't be stupid about it and draw unnecessary attention to yourself. No offense, but drinking beer out of a water bottle sounds incredibly stupid. There's a reason why people pregame events like this. </p>

<p>I'm not confining this to BC specifically. Things such as public intoxication and consuming an open can of alcohol in public will certainly get you in trouble regardless of what age or where you are.</p>

<p>trizz u in duche west basement?</p>

<p>and as for the parties there are always the senior mods that allow freshman in. most nights you end up on the mods which is the most similar thing at bc to frat parties because they are packed with people. as a freshman you are mostly drinking in the dorms with your friends pregaming and then most nights there are off campus parties that are pretty fun. but as a sophomore if you get an 8 man you can throw parties in ur room. hope this helps</p>

<p>Eric is that u?hah btw duch west is the place to be for all parties, newton kids do it right</p>