BC vs UVA vs Georgetown

<p>I was wondering how these schools compare in terms of academics and overall undergrad experience. I don't have anything really specific I just want to see how these 3 are different and similar.</p>

<p>overall undergrad experience:</p>

<li>(tie) BC</li>
<li>(tie) UVA</li>

<p>source: my opinion</p>

<p>All are pretty darn good, but if you're IS for U Virginia, that would be a hard one to pass up. It's probably the least intimate of the three, but can do as good a job as the others in gettin' you educated and placed in the career or grad school you want.</p>

<p>I would say that the undergraduate experience at BC and UVA are comparable, UVA coming out with a slight edge. Then, it's Georgetown.</p>

<p>However, I haven't been to all three schools, so I can't really say.</p>

<p>They are all good schools, though.</p>

<p>Georgetown and BC are comparable. Both are Private Jesuit institutions that stress undergraduate education. Both schools are on the outskirts of east coast cities that are comparable in size. Georgetown is more competitive with regard to admissions and a bit more prestigious. Georgetown students tend to have done better in HS than BC students. Nevertheless student bodies are similar. Only big difference with regard to student life is that football and ice hockey are the crown jewels of the BC athletic dept while Georgetown focuses on basketball and lacrosse.</p>

<p>UVA is a large, albeit prestigious state school. By definition there will be a lot of Virginians on campus so diversity will suffer. Fraternities and sororities play a larger role in student life. UVA and to a lesser extent Georgetown are more influenced by southern culture than BC, but all have their fair share of preppy students. UVa (along with BC) is in the ACC. So they have football, basketball etc. UVa excels in lacrosse and soccer.</p>