BCH3025 or BCH4024 - Biochemistry

<p>I am trying to decide whether I should take BCH3025 or BCH4024 to meet my biochemistry requirement. I thought BCH3025 would be easier, but it looks like the teacher isn't very good. BCH3025 is an online class, but are the exams taken online? I have heard that BCH4024 is hard, but the teachers that are teaching in the fall seem to have pretty decent reviews on ratemyprofessor. Does anyone have any information or recommendations about either of these classes?</p>

<p>Are you premed?</p>

<p>I'm Pre-Optometry and I have talked to several schools and they say that either class is fine.</p>

<p>4024 is the more medically-oriented biochem course. My 2 optometry friends took 4024, but its up to you since you said it doesn't matter which class you take.</p>