Be aware of the traps in the contract of C2 education

BE AWARE! This is a very shady, fraudulent business. Keep a detail log of the hours your kid used. Be aware of its “Expiration of Tutor Instructional time” policy and how they use this expiration policy to rip you off thousands of your hard earned money!
If you are a new customer, they give your kid a diagnostic test much harder than real SAT. Based on the score, they recommend you to buy lots of hour to reach your desired score. This is fear mongering! Hard test, low score, more hours==more money. At sign-up, you will be told the “100% money back guarantee tuition refund program”, no single word about the “Expiration of Tutor Instructional time” policy.
If you are an existing customer, they have promotion during the year. Right now, you all should get emails “Get our biggest savings of the year – Enroll now!” from C2. Be aware of this trap! They will encourage you to purchase lots of hours on top of current balance during promotion period, called “upgrade”. BE AWARE of how they use the “Expiration of Tutor Instructional time” policy to rip you off. Ever since you pay for “upgrade”, all the hours your kid uses from now on will be deducted from the “upgrade”. Your hours from the balance of previous payment will be kept till its expiration. That means once you pay for “upgrade”, your balance is set to zero no matter how many hours you have in your balance.
How the used hours were logged is also dubious. My kid took some practice tests in the center. I tried to schedule meetings with the director when the test result came out. During the meeting, the director usually wrote down the hours used leading to the practice test. She usually utilized the number of used hours as an explanation for the test result. Now when I requested refund and finally got the list of the logged hours from the center, the logged hours from the list are much higher than the numbers I was given during the meetings.
I was explained how the contract works in much more detail and depth when I ask for refund for over hundreds of unused hours, which worth more than $10k. Now I realized how the contract and the way the director conducted her business are fraudulent. It is a long story. I am in the legal battle with C2 now.
As a good citizen, I feel it is my responsibility to let the general public know how fraudulent C2 business is. Please feel free to share my posting. Hope no others will be ripped off as much as I was.

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Omg feel the same here ! This is for C2 located at Lincoln park ! DONT go there for their tutor don’t sign any of their contract! It’s a trap! My son haven’t even start one tutor class , I asked to terminate the contract on the same day by texted Tracy since she said we can within 24 hrs after I signed the contract then I don’t feel right about it. But this lady just not letting it go want my son to go for 3 sessions within 21 days in order to get a refund but she never said a full refund … I decided to cancel it because I had a feeling they are very unprofessional by how she rushed me to sign the contract, tried to skip the diagnostic test until I questioned should they give him a diagnostic test , schedules not written down, never explain how their contract policy worked …This is the worst place And person in education I ever deal with ! Please parents don’t let your kids go there!