Be brutally honest : rate my ecs

Hey guys, I’ll be a junior in July, currently a sophomore from India. Going to be extremely vague, I’d also like to study something finance related.

  1. Marketing intern at a multi billion dollar company.

Helped in their expansion to the Indian market, working directly under one of their top employees. Currently, the subsidiary I worked towards improving has more than 10,000,000 downloads on the Play Store

  1. Launched an app on the Play Store along with a friend.

10,000+ installs. Gaining 1,200 new users a month. Projected growth is around 15,000 new users a year. Insubstantial revenue till now. (Will probably work on it after my finals now.)

  1. Marketing head @ an app.

Under my tenure, our user base doubled from having 5,000 to 10,000 users. Currently also in the process of raising funds, expected to raise 30,000 Euros. App is completely free, with no in app purchases or advertisements of any kind, so no revenue.

  1. Writing

Mainly do this as a hobby. But I’ve been published in a Los Angeles based journal, have also done some writing work for a high profile client.

  1. Semi pressional gaming

Ranked in the top 1% of all players. Co leader of a clan which won several international championships. Clan was picked up by Cloud9, a professional gaming team. (Don’t know if I’m gonna put this, as professional gaming is still very controversial as an “eSport”.)

What do you guys think? What other ECs should I work on in the next 2 years? Thanks in advance!

What other ECs should you work on in the next two years?

You need to do ECs that YOU are interested in doing…not something to pad a college application.

What you have looks fine.

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I really love business related things in general. I’ve just ran out of new things I wanna do now. Maybe I’ll do some non business ECs

Wow, these are great ECs! If you’re considering a business major in college, this is a great profile to show to colleges

thank you!!!