Beanpot Hockey

<p>Go Huskies! :)</p>

<p>BC fan here so yes - Go Huskies! You know what they say - It #%$^ to BU!</p>

<p>Our friend's son is a BU student and hockey fan...had dinner with them last night and had a little fun discussing tonite's game. Our daughter is NEU and is no fan of their son , she is at the game on the other side of the rink from BU</p>

<p>Not sure what we are going to do next year. We are big BC hockey fans and DS is leaning towards BU Law. We may have to disown him during hockey season and especially during Beanpot Tournament! H is in the next room watching the game and I haven't heard any yelling, so it must be scoreless:)</p>

<p>Well, I'm a double-Eagle and DH is a BU boy, so we always have issues around Beanpot time. Or, as he just said to me - "BC came in THIRD!"</p>

<p>Go Huskies!!</p>