Bear Stearns Resume Help

<p>This guy's currently at Bear and may need to brush up his resume soon. Any suggestions or reviews would be great, looks like he's going to need it!</p>

<p>View</a> Resume | - Your Resume Review Community</p>

<p>I assume this is a joke? Bear may not exist by the time he applies!</p>

<p>He currently works for Bear and may need to find a new job shortly:
Bear</a> Stearns Closes in on Deal To Sell Itself to J.P. Morgan -</p>

<p>That is hilarious. I just commented on his resume using (I hope that helps him out!)</p>

<p>yeah when you hafta ask a rival company for help... you know you're in trouble.</p>

<p>This is a joke right? For those of you who don't know, there's a tacit agreement among most of the big firms to freeze hiring of most Bear staff for now.</p>

<p>And in any event, someone who was able to make it into Bear to begin with miraculously forgot how to write a resume? I find that hard to believe.</p>