Bear Stearns sells out for 2 bucks a share. The biggest bailout of all time is coming

<p>Geniuses. That's what these wall street finance guys are. Geniuses. Only in fairy tales and the Wall Street Journal though. ;)</p>

<p>People who bought homes with 3% down and lost. I laugh at you. You're pimples. Take a company that makes billions and watch that company (and others) do the same thing with billions and billions of dollars. </p>

<p>You end up like Bear Stearns selling out for 2 bucks a share. $250 million. You sell the company out for $250 million while your headquarters alone is work $1.2 billion. </p>

<p>That's how to do it. Blow up BIGGGGGGGGGG.</p>

<p>Biggest government bailout of all time is underway.</p>

<p>JP Morgan buys Bear Stearns. Government guarantees first $30 billion of Bear Stearns derivatives and debt against loss to JP Morgan. JP Morgan gets the upside. US taxpayer gets the downside.</p>

<p>In the end, the government is going to have to buy the crummy debt in the private sector. Spend around a trillion dollars in total with a bailout or watch 50 trillion blow up.</p>

<p>Thank god for the efficiency of the private sector. Thank god for all the geniuses making multi-millions every year for putting us in this mess.</p>

<p>I just post this in another thread. I think those BIG SHOT shall go jail.</p>

<p>I think government should go after their assets. Highway robbery.</p>

<p>Well, many of the top guys at Bear Stearns did lose multi, multi millions in the collapse.</p>

<p>Bear</a> Stearns CEO played bridge while funds collapsed: report - Nov. 1, 2007</p>

<p>This is amazing....</p>

<p>MarketBeat</a> Blog - : Bear Fortunes Up in Smoke</p>

<p></a> U.S.</p>

<p>dollar falls to record we go.</p>

<p>goldman to reveal $3 billion writedown tomorrow</p>

<p>Good luck to all those grads banking on IB jobs. POOF, hello Starbucks.</p>


Well, many of the top guys at Bear Stearns did lose multi, multi millions in the collapse.


But this could be on top of tens millions bonus they've earned. I do agree columbia_student, government shall go after their assets. ... And more compliance law enhencement.</p>

<p>No buddies with a job loss yet, of those who have 1 or 2 years working. Gotta
say that big time apartment leases and how those who do lose the job will cope
is quite the concern.</p>

<p>lol barrons! I'll have a latte-- tall.</p>

<p>So credit crisis at Bear Stearns arise at last July, but by last Nov. Bear Stearns stock remains over $100 a share? ... Some people and/or firms must be playing along.</p>

<p>I have a few old friends work there, I'm wondering what happens to them. Not sure what the retirement plan Bear Stearns offers, hope not like the Eron years ago. Employees have to suffer lost both jobs and retirement fund.</p>

<p>Naive question, do the bankers at Bear start working for JP, or does JP lay them off and bring in their own people?</p>

<p>JPMorgan has a vast investment component already and surely redundancy
will be remedied. Prepare for the blood bath.</p>

<p>Can shareholders of Bear Stearns sue them? I mean the CEO or top officials.</p>

<p>Bear Stearns is the first to go but not the last. Bear Stearns lost liquidity in a matter of hours. Tomorrow could be frightening. S&P Futures already down 3% for tomorrows open. Hold on to your hats....everytime the fed makes a move to "help" the world markets become more volatile.</p>

<p>Sachs of Gold and Lehman to announce writedowns. I continue
to wonder about CitiBank. I agree, tomorrow is gonna be rocking and rolling.
Is this the bottom?</p>

Good luck to all those grads banking on IB jobs. POOF, hello Starbucks.


<p>Perhaps someone should clue in all the physicians and thier family members on another thread (who think IB can be a better career choice). :D</p>

<p>^But the upside potential was huge compare to doctor's salary.</p>

<p>White collar crime goes unpunished!</p>

<p>Is it time to purchase some put options on these banks? Puting on my capitalist hat.:D</p>

<p>We could find Spitzer's money but we cannot find what seems to be billions
of other troubled dollars.</p>