BearFacts says EFT not active??

<p>I set up EFT like a week ago... but BearFacts says "As of 30-JUL-10, your EFT account is not active. You can manage your EFT account at UCB Electronic Funds Transfer."</p>

<p>If I go to EFT, I see that all my Bank info was entered in properly. What's wrong?</p>

<p>Hey anyone getting the same thing?</p>

<p>I also received that message.</p>

<p>Me too .</p>

<p>Ok, so I guess we're fine then</p>

<p>I contacted EFT a few days ago and explained the same situation mentioned above. They said that the website is not being updated properly, but they have it on their own records that my EFT was active.</p>

<p>thanks collegebound11</p>

<p>i added eft info around late june - early july and still not active
although this thread helps me understand the situation</p>

<p>i just want to make sure one thing, are all the new students (including transfers) experiencing this?</p>

<p>and may i ask how you contacted eft people? i emailed them long time ago and recently and was not able to get any reply</p>