Beaty Towers Housing Dilemma

<p>I just got my housing information (came in pretty late, I know) and i was pleasantly surprised to see that I got assigned to Beaty Towers... or so i thought? It says on the email that I've been assigned to "Beaty Towers E" (This is exactly how it is called in the mailing address) and the room is a 400 number - Now, when I go on the campus map for UF, I see Beaty Towers A and B, and then these two very small buildings off to the side called Beaty Apartments E1 and E2 that appear to be only 1 story high. My room is in the 400's so I'm assuming its on the fourth floor and it doesnt look as if the E1 and E2 buildings have more than 1 floor to them... I'm quite confused as to where I'm assigned and if anyone could shed some light on the mysterious Beaty Towers E it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!</p>

<pre><code> -Brad

<p>Now you're going to feel dumb for missing this...but E is for East lol :P Two towers also go by East and West, just like Hume.</p>