Bed Bath and Beyond College Savings Pass

I received a coupon from Bed Bath and Beyond the other day. On the side it mentions a free College Savings Pass. You need a “.edu” email address to sign up. It gives you 20% off instore and online plus free standard shipping every time one shops.

You can sign up an

I thought this might help all of those who are getting ready to start purchasing things for the fall. It says it is good for one year.

Easier than carrying all those one-off coupons each time one goes to BB&B.

They also send out in the mail around this time of year a 20% off your entire purchase coupon - I got one about a week ago.

My mother got a 20% off everything, with the flyer focused on back to college items, this week. Usually they come addressed to me.

For many things, Target’s prices were lower than BB&B even with the 20% off coupon. You can do the same order-ahead-and-pick-up at the Target near you child’s school but IIRC you had to do the Target ordering a week before because they have a set period for which they’ll hold orders at the destination store. We used both stores since both had storefronts near her college.

Also, we bought her sheets and pillowcases here at home so we could wash them, pack and have them ready to put on her bed when we moved her into the dorm. Sheets are so scratchy and smell weird right out of the package. All the other items she needed (pillows, mattress pad cover, comforter, towel rack, fan, lamp, container for toiletries etc.) we picked up when we arrived in the college town.

Pretty disappointed with BB&B and their college shipping option so far. After chatting with a customer service rep this morning, she assured me I could shop online and choose the “Shop Now Ship Later” to have the items ship to the store nearest her college at a later date. Sounded great! I spent a couple of hours with my daughter choosing items. You have to shop out of the college pages for this, and I felt the options were very lacking. Still we put together a list and went to check out. There, you choose a shipping date. Well, that’s difficult as they give no indication of how long it will take the items to ship to the store. So, once again, I called Customer Service who told me that the shipping window was 4-9 days and that the store only holds the items for 2 hours (!) after they arrive. How is that helpful at all? She checked with her manager a couple of times and finally told me that I’d have to go into a store and shop using their Pack and Hold option in order to get a package delivered to the store near her school and held until we arrive the day before her move in time. So tomorrow, we start all over again, this time in store. Is it this hard for everyone using BB&B?

We just did the regular order near home and pick up at the college location. It was terrific, and worked like a charm. And you could shop the entire store.

@thumper1 That’s what we are going to do now. I wish I’d known it was the only option for shipping to the college location and actually having it held for more than two hours! :slight_smile:

The purchase near home and pick up at a location near college is a great option.