Bed risers and lofting

<p>The only thing I've been able to find on the housing site about this is that if you want to loft your bed, you can only use the materials that they provide. I don't really want to loft my bed, though, because I think I'll get just as much use out of rising it pretty high and getting storage space underneath. But does anyone know if UNC also provides materials to simply raise the bed a foot or so? And also, can anyone tell me how high off the ground the bed is originally, and how high you can raise it? This would help greatly as I buy storage bins. I'm in Morrison if that makes any difference for the beds. Thanks!</p>

<p>This is kind of hard to explain, but the mattress is in the frame sitting on "notches" so to raise it up you just keep moving it up notches. The beds should be pretty low to the ground when you get in the room, but not always - my bed freshman year was raised up, and I had no idea I could lower it by moving it down notches, so I spent the whole year having to climb up three-ish feet onto the bed! Huge pain. Because my roommate and I bunked our beds, her bed on the top bunk was basically in the stratosphere- it was scary high the WHOLE year. We just didn't know better!</p>

<p>You can basically mess with the bed until it's the right height for your bins, so I wouldn't stress. Some of the ceilings in Morrison have weird cutouts, so lofting both beds would probably be tough anyway!</p>

<p>you definitely do not need any bed risers because you can raise your bed at different heights. When I went to CTOPS, my bed at Cobb was about 3 feet off the ground, therefore there was a lot of storage space underneath. The highest you can raise it is about 55 inches. I hope that helps! :)</p>