Bed Sheets

<p>We received mail regarding ordering bed sheets via a company that UA endorses. Will the beds at UA take the extra long sheets you can find at Bed and Bath or are the beds a different size than those?</p>

<p>You can get the sheets anywhere. I believe Target and WalMart even have them. The packet they sent out (I got it too) is just a "one stop shop" type thing, where they send you EVERYTHING in one box. It's fairly expensive, and the quality isn't very high. They probably have a deal worked out with the school ($$$$$).</p>

<p>Agree with prior poster. Buy the bedding on your own. If you are out of town, Bed, Bath and Beyond offers a great program. It lets you select your mechandise near your home, then the order is filled and waiting at the store near campus. You don't pay until you pick the merchandise up, and no penalty if you've changed your mind and don't want certain items. Beds probably are extra long, but check to be sure. Target also usually offers great dorm stuff.</p>

<p>Do you have your dorm assignment yet? Be sure to check the housing web site before you shop-- they give the bed measurements for each one, and they are not all the same. Bed,Bath, Beyond's service is really helpful, but prices are high, even with the 20% coupon. JC Penney always has a good selection for dorm beds, too, and prices are more reasonable.</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies. Great suggestion to look up the dorm assignment. S is in VDP which has captain's beds which are 80" long so I think most XL Sheets are 39x80 so that should work. I may order online and pick up Bed & Bath since we are coming from the east coast but I will look for coupons :) Thx</p>

<p>We just ordered some extra long sheets from this company:</p>

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<p>We were quite happy with the super-quick shipping and reasonable prices.</p>

<p>One quirk about college bedding is that it tends to be cheap quality. I liked that this company had a nice range of decent quality choices at moderate prices. They also offer many dorm-related accessories.</p>


<p>I put VDP down as one of my choices, but didn't end up with it :P</p>