Bedding Package offered by school

<p>Is anyone or has anyone ordered the bedding sets offered through MSU? Any current MSU students out there who ordered last year? Pros? Cons? Worth it or not? Thanks!</p>

<p>What you need is to get twin extra long sheets from anywhere (we used Bed Bath and Beyond). MSU has this promotional thing that they do and others which you will be receiving, believe me! They are probably fine sheets, but I think you will have more selection elsewhere.</p>

<p>I hope that they will show you a dorm room, but they did not offer that at the orientation last year. They will offer a short seminar on the subject of residential living on campus though, which is informative. I would suggest renting a fridge/micro unit from the company that they will tell you about, and if they don't, call Res Life and get the name. They deliver and pickup and it is a decent unit with not a lot of hassle. My D is in the campus apts. this year, so I am glad we did not buy a dorm refrigerator unit.</p>

<p>Be sure and send several good fans also, as my D used hers year-round and they helped ventilate the room. Any other questions, just ask!</p>

<p>Hi there! Long time no talk! How's life in Delaware? Thanks for the reply. Glad to know we don't have to use the service that MSU was pretty pricey stuff for what you get. :) Been doing a lot of reading about mattress pads, covers, new mattresses, etc...what is the general nature of the mattresses at MSU? Ryan will be in air conditioning either? Good to know. Whatever other tips you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Hope all is well.</p>

<p>Hi! D was in Freeman last year. Mattresses are typical dorm style I guess it is thick plastic covered. What I got was from Bed Bath & Beyond - it is a thick mattress cover that lays on top of the mattress instead of going around it on the corners - she was happy with it. I had a hard time getting it last year though because it was backordered, so if you are interested, check on it right away.</p>

<p>Get some lamps too. She had a floor lamp and desk lamp and an attachable to the headboard lamp. At least with a boy you should have a simpler time figuring out how to store his clothing, since boys don't require as much - usually! I went back and forth several times during the school year picking up and taking back clothing appropriate to the season, which I didn't mind too much since I got to see her!</p>

<p>I will tell my D to look out for your S in September! She is in New Hampshire this summer doing summer stock. Just finished Cats, is in the middle of Cabaret and then will do Fiddler On the Roof. She has had a FANTASTIC summer and is loving the town she is in. It is beautiful, I have been up twice and we will pick her up in August at the end of the Fiddler run. Any other questions PM me!</p>