Beds in a triple...

<p>So there are three different beds in a triple Unit dorm. Is it more common to pick beds 'first come, first serve' or talk to your roommates about it now?</p>

<p>Talk it with your roommates. It's pretty obvious to me and I think most people which is the best bed (the loft, where you get an entire section of the room to yourself) and which is the worst (top bunk). You guys are gonna have to compromise. If you show up and just claim your territory, a lot of resentment will spring up and it'll show itself in many different ways throughout the year.</p>

<p>Also, it's always good to talk with your roommates about issues that pertain to them. It's their room, too.</p>

<p>Talk it over, but there's no real difference in beds imo. Bottom bunk is nice because it's easily accessible, but is annoying if the person on top rolls around. Top bunk is annoying to climb up to but I guess it keeps you away from taking those 5 minute naps that turns into an hour and you can bug the **** out of the person below you if you so desire. The loft is alright relative to where the door is.</p>

<p>i have a question</p>

<p>i got triple in foothill and i was searching for room layouts or something like floor plans</p>

<p>and when i looked at one of the video from the website it showed me three separated beds</p>

<p>is that true for foothill? 3 sepearte beds?</p>

<p>Some Foothill triples are large enough that all three beds are all on the floor, while other Foothill triples are organized similar to Unit triples</p>

<p>the triple room at clark kerr that i was shown during CalSO had all three beds on the floor but on the website it shows one separate one and then a bunk bed.</p>

<p>Also, another idea is to debunk the bunk bed so that all beds are on the ground.</p>

<p>bottom bunk = everyone will always sit in your bed/nap in it. top bunk = chance to fall off and die.</p>

<p>haha dang i was planning on getting the bottom bunk. is that a bad idea?
i was just thinking that it would be easier if i needed to stumble back to my room after parties</p>

<p>I think the solo top bunk is the best. You can shake and roll around all you want without having to worry about disturbing another sleeping person below you :D</p>

<p>hah, but don't forget that your roommates might also pass out on the bottom bunk! my bottom bunk roommate was out for the weekend and my other roommate came back from a party and passed out on his bed. i asked him if he was alright and he didn't respond so i went back to playing games. but, he ended up there for the whole night.</p>

<p>you can definitely climb up if you're drunk. unless you absolutely have no control of your arms and legs. only thing you would have to watch out for is the damn ceiling.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info, guys. My roommates and I talked it over and I think everyone's happy with the outcome! :)</p>

<p>I don't really know how to broach the topic on it. My roommates seem pretty chill but almost to the point that no matter what the feel they'll smile and say "whatever you want!", which makes me feel like a snob if I'm assertive. So idk how I should bring it up?</p>

<p>"I want the _____ bed *******!"</p>

<p>Top bunk > *</p>

<p>If you are so drunk that you cannot climb up, you probably will not make it back to your room in the first place and just black out on the party like all the normal (super drunk) people.</p>

<p>Mkapur, I was worried about that too because my roommates and I hadn't talked about anything that could potentially be controversial yet. But one of my roommates and I happened to bring it up at the exact same time, which made me feel better. Both of us said basically the same thing: Move in day is coming up, and it would be better to work out bed/desk arrangements now than later when things are hectic.</p>

<p>Ah so you guys would recommend getting the top bunk w/ the desk under?
I always thought the bottom bunk was better, just for the convenience. I was at calSO and the guy on the top bunk above me didn't move around much so it didn't make me uncomfortable or anything...
plus I really don't wanna fall off the top bunk haha, and I don't mind if people sit/nap on my bed</p>