Beer Bike

<p>Have fun tomorrow!</p>

<p>I know I plan to do so. The weather is supposed to be beautiful.</p>

<p>My son, Brown 2007, is flying 2000 miles just to be there. Now THAT'S what I call tradition!</p>

<p>Brown For The Win!</p>

<p>that's awesome LWMD!</p>

<p>I had fun. And now I'm exhausted.</p>

<p>so who won??</p>

<p>Brown won Alumni (for the first time ever)
Will Rice won both Men's and Women's (Jones had a rather close second in Men's, Brown had a not-so-close second in Women's)</p>

<p>Yeah, however, Will Rice did cheat to win the men's race. If they didn't cheat Jones would have won, or atleast the gap would have been closer. The Will Rice chug judge(who was more than likely drunk) was not watching the ends of the chugs, so when Will Rice was "finish" chugging, the judge wasn't seeing that some (4 or 5) of the chuggers were throwing a lot of the water out behind them. Each penalty would have been 5 seconds. At one point a Jones biker got into the pit 2 seconds ahead of Will Rice, but some how Will Rice got out of the pit 2 seconds ahead. There is no way a chugger could make up 4 seconds.</p>


<p>(and I'm not even from Will Rice.)</p>

<p>Everyone who finished ahead of Martel was cheating.</p>

<p>(Why did it un-capitalize my post?)</p>

<p>It's not like I can change the results. But someone will be sending the judge coordinator pictures that they have of the Will Rice chugs, so that in the future the race will be fair (no matter who wins) and the judges are doing their jobs. Some colleges practice really hard. And I know Will Rice does, they had really good bikers. I seriously wouldn't have mind if Will Rice would have won(they're the college I like, right after Jones, of course), but only if they had done it right, without cheating.</p>

<p>Haha, I think I was the person on our team to pass Martel (why we were behind you in the first place I cannot say).</p>

<p>Well, it is your rightful place.</p>

<p>Poor Hanszen....... Oh well, at least they are consistent.</p>

<p>I saw some photos from Beer Bike and the water balloon fight looked AWESOME! It's amazing to me that an entire university participates in such a thing!</p>