Before I keep going on this...

<p>I've been working on putting together a chart of all the MT schools, with a bunch of "comparing" information, such as whether it's BA, BFA or both, whether they hold auditions at Unifieds, location, size, "middle 50%" scores/GPAs, Deadlines, admission policies, audition requirements, etc. and after about 20 hours of this it occurred to me that perhaps someone else has already done all of this work and wouldn't mind sharing?</p>

<p>It takes a TREMENDOUS amount of time to go onto each school's website and dig for this information, but I really don't have any way of figuring out what schools to even up on our list until I've looked at all of them. Since 2 months ago I hadn't a clue how many schools there even were, I'm really working to get caught up to speed.</p>

<p>We're trying to figure out first which schools we'd like to include in our "grand tour" of the midwest/eastern schools this April when we have a week to travel. I'm hoping that trip will at least help D to decide whether she thinks she'd like to focus most of her energies on auditioning for larger schools, smaller, urban, suburban, etc. </p>

<p>Of course all of this after we figure out which are the "reach" schools and which "safety" schools she could be happy with. Which brings me back to the chart.... Anyone?</p>

<p>Hi tracyvp,<br>
You are exactly where we were at this time last year. Somehow you will get through this process! It does seem overwhelming now but it will all come together. We started by making a preliminary list of MT programs that my D was interested in then researched them through their websites, spoke with students we knew at various programs and of course used college confidential. Attending a great summer MT program was also a huge help to my D as it really gave her a taste of what a demanding program MT really is (she LOVED IT)
Once you have a list going you will find you will add/subtract as you gain more knowledge about what your D wants and needs. Don’t get caught up in the nitty gritty of audition requirements/dates right now as they can change from year to year. Focus on educating yourselves on programs and hone singing, dancing and acting skills. Selecting proper audition material with a voice/acting coach who understands the MT process is a MUST.(PM me if you want more info on coaching)
Once you have narrowed down the list later in the year you can use Excel to make a chart to keep track of requirements, deadlines and the like. I used 2 separate charts -one for audition dates and requirements and one for what was needed to actually apply to the program. I found it too intimidating bunch the application requirements and the audition requirements together. Oh, and get your aps in early and sign up for audition dates as they become available. Good luck to you and your D. We are ALMOST at the end of the process.</p>

<p>I have an excel sheet I can send you. It does not have every MT school, but it has a lot of them. Plus a few acting only schools. The names of the schools include hyperlinks to the school’s websites. My daughter used this list to narrow down her choices. Like abco, we made a separate chart to keep track of all of the application/audition requirements once she had her final list. If you send me your e-mail in a pm I will send you the chart.</p>

<p>I’m starting the same, but not to the intensity of a chart yet. I’m just copying and pasting what I think she’ll use and putting it in its own folder in her section of the computer. I’ve done the schools she thinks she wants, just so we can see it. And next year, when we know which schools she really wants, then we’ll do the spreadsheet.</p>

<p>An easier way to find the general statistical information that tracyvp refers to (e.g., GPA’s and test scores for admitted students, school size and location) is at the CollegeBoard website (the same place students sign up for the SAT). You do have to go to the schools’ websites, however, to find the information about the theater program and audition requirements. The CollegeBoard site includes links to the schools.</p>