Beginning College Tours

<p>My daughter, a serious theatre student and an excellent writer, begins touring colleges this summer. We've been to NYU-Tisch and she seems mostly interested in small to medium liberal arts schools. Any suggestions as we begin this process. Our first stops will be Sarah Lawrence, Vassar, Ithaca and Suny Purchase. Thanks.</p>

<p>You can take a look at Knox college in IL. Has very strong creative writing program and excellent theater, where many students take art/theater classes just for fun of it
College operates on honor code with 1200 sudents. Test scores are optional. One drawback is location otherwise it would be much harder to get in. Knox has also very strong sciences program with early identification admission programs to Rush medical and GWU, garanteed admission program with Simon business school. Generous with merit aid if financial aid is concern.</p>

<p>Also check out Bennington.</p>

<p>Depending on which direction you are going between Vassar and Ithaca you could check out Bard, Skidmore, Hamilton, Hobart, and/or Middlebury. I would definitely check out Bard if Sarah Lawrence and Vassar are the types of schools you are looking for. Wesleyan as well.</p>

<p>Maybe Union College (NY) or Connecticut College. They are slightly less competitive than Vassar, and closer to the level of Sarah Lawrence.</p>