Beginning My CS Major: Java or C++

<p>I'm beginning the "meat" of my cirriculum as a computer science major this upcoming semester but am confused about what introductory course to take: should it be Intro to Java programming or Introduction to C++?</p>

<p>Background info: I'm a community college student enrolled in a school district consisting of many campuses in the county that I live. I noticed that my school is the only one that has Java for its COSC 1415 course, while the other campus seemingly use C++.</p>

<p>My question above relates to which programming language will best suit me towards to more difficulty aspects of my major.</p>

<p>Please help.</p>


<p>It's impossible to say, you need to know what future classes may require you to use. If your future classes will require C++, then C++ is the way to go. Same deal with Java.</p>

<p>Java is a bit easier to use than C++. If you've never programmed before it's probably better to start with Java, but like I mentioned earlier if C++ will be of more use then choose that.</p>

<p>java is more widely used and ive heard that employers prefer java programmers for entry level take java...most universities teach students java first, then C or C++</p>

<p>also, you'll find java to be easier to learn</p>

<p>If you're a cs major you had better learn both.</p>

<p>^colleges force students to learn both, right?</p>

<p>Its probably best if you learn both as a CS Major. The processes are similar, but you should probably understand both since you will likely be using both at one point or another. I would start with Java though.</p>

<p>Learn both.</p>

<p>Some folks/industries feel that C++ offers better encryption than Java (I said "feel". I do not know the real answer).</p>

<p>Flip a coin to decide which to learn first, then learn the other afterwards.</p>

<p>I'm learning Java now, and it's not too hard considering I have very little programming experience. Can you learn Java now, and take C++ the following semester?</p>