Being grounded

I’m grounded now and have been for 6 months for grades, my mom has taken all my things away and I have 5 classes and I need all a’s so I can get all my electronics back but not my computer bc I am an online student so this is for school and I still don’t do homework looks like I won’t have a summer either LOL!!

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@poloruler23 lol MOOD

@Emily_Morehouse been Grounded since last may And i don’t even know why anymore :sweat_smile:

these Rules are literally what my dad Told me before i got grounded, and Think about this i’ve been grounded for A year and a half it’s honestly sad and I don’t even know Why i’m grounded again like huh??? but it’s very lonely i be sneaking phones only so i can Text my best friend cause no one Else likes me :woman_with_probing_cane: