Being Hit On

<p>So you're just walking and minding your own business when out of nowhere or somewhere in the distance, these guys call out from far away "Hey baby!" or "I wanna get at you girl!" Or, for you guys, a girl sees you & thinks that you're cute and then runs up to you, giggles incessantly, and flirts with you nonstop.</p>

<p>How do you react to this?</p>

<p>I just feel really awkward. I mean, what can I actually say without coming off as slutty, desperate, or looking as if that I "want some?" Happened to me this afternoon when I was running a green before tennis by these guys on wrestling and, well, I just plain didn't know how to react to this so I just looked indifferent and continued running as if I paid no heed to them. This has happened to me several times but I don't understand how to deal with these types of situations.</p>

<p>Oh, it's easy. I get these all the time from guys.</p>

<p>Just spread your legs really wide. </p>

<p>As wide as possible. You really want to stretch them.</p>

<p>Because your going to round kick them for being so filthy minded. Thatll teach them a lesson.</p>

<p>^ hah</p>

<p>or just give 'em the finger, I mean, it's kinda the creepiest thing when a guy shouts something so it's in no way a turn on, it'd be better if he just came up to me like a normal person</p>

<p>I always just ignore them and keep walking (if I find it rude), or I'll smile slightly at them as I keep walking (if I find it cute or endearing). Sure, maybe it looks stuck-up or cold, but if I'm not interested, I'm not interested (and it's hardly the way to get me interested). I have to admit though, it does give me some weird sort of confidence boost :P</p>

<p>Then again, I do have a boyfriend. If you're interested then you should probably smile at them, or wave, or something to acknowledge them. Which encourages them, but if that's what you want...</p>

<p>^^^ lol when i read the first three sentences</p>

<p>Oh, yeah, it's a confidence boost for some reason. But lately it's kinda like they hit on everything with two legs and if he really liked a girl I imagine he'd grow a pair to go sit by her in lunch or talk to her closer up (a guy did this to me, and yeah, we actually dated. compared to the 0 guys I've dated for just yelling out at me I have to support the idea of guys just normally talking to girls).</p>

<p>^ lol i know right? they probably think it's creepy when they do that but, really, it's not as creepy as shouting at someone like a weirdo</p>

<p>Look at the closest girl to you, stare at her ass, and whoot and holler along with the guys.</p>

<p>No, just ignore them. This situation happens all the time when one walks up the stairs in tight jeans...</p>

<p>^LOL. That would be hilarious!</p>

<p>Yeah, just ignore. Throw up a middle finger if they're just being plain rude. But be wary-- you don't want to end up like that one French girl...</p>

<p>French girl?</p>

<p>The one that had her middle finger bitten off.</p>

<p>Maybe wear a longer skirt?</p>

<p>Being hit on feels awkward. I would much rather have someone walk up to me and actually TALK to me and have a normal conversation like a normal person.</p>

Being hit on feels awkward.


<p>Yeah, randomly punching a girl seems like a dick move.</p>

<p>GOD it's people like you that make it so no one can get a date, cause all this thread does is lower the confidence of potential gf/bf that might pluck up the courage to ask someone out!</p>

"Hey baby!" or "I wanna get at you girl!"


When guys say these things to you, they're usually ****ing with you. Happens to the weirdest girls at my school all the time.</p>

<p>Or they want to be ****ing with you.</p>

<p>^ Maybe if you hang around 7th graders or live in a rap music video.</p>

<p>French girl: french</a> girl slapped | ??? ??? ? ???</p>

<p>Perhaps that's what TRUFFLIE does. I think she's young.</p>

<p>Anyway, I was kidding. No one takes catcalls seriously.</p>

<p>^Lots of racist comments below that video :O</p>