Being Jewish = better chance for admissions?

<p>Does being Jewish (as opposed to being Christian) increase an individual's chances for admissions at schools such as Vanderbilt and Wake Forest? My friends and I were discussing the topic earlier this week I was curious to know the truth....</p>


<p>a couple responses would be greatly appreciated....</p>

<p>No. There's not even anyway for a school to tell if you're Jewish aside from speculation based on your name or if Judaism figures prominently in your extracurriculars. Even so, being Jewish gives no boost.</p>

<p>A fact I, as a Jew, bemoan. : (</p>

<p>It might not help you directly, but there are so many Jewish youth groups and Jewish charity programs! </p>

<p>As a Jew, you have more opportunities to stand out on the application.</p>

<p>Wake, yes and Vandy, no.</p>

<p>^^ditto what college4three said...........</p>

<p>Actually Vanderbilt made a concerted effort in the past (2006) to increase their Jewish enrollment.
NEWS:</a> Percentage of Jewish students increases 10 percent in four years | InsideVandy</p>

<p>^^that article is now four years old; Vandy's Jewish population apparently is up to 20% for the Class of 2014 entering in September....</p>