Being referred by National Merit?

<p>I had National Merit send two rec's for me, and both of them went to Ivy schools. Does this influence the admission board in any way?</p>

<p>no it does not.</p>

<p>No. It does not.</p>

<p>building off of lcarri13, what if I get a rec from a teacher I had that graduated from Penn? Does that influence the admission board?</p>

<p>A positive letter from a Penn alum will have slightly more weight than a typical positive letter.</p>

<p>the weight of your rec increases linearly with the person's bank account weight and exponentially with donation check weight.</p>

<p>what if i got a letter from a vice provost? also if there's a center with my grandpa's name will that help? serious questions</p>

<p>the most important attribute for someone writing a rec for you is that that really know you and can write a compelling rec ... getting a rich person, a famous person, an alum, etc will not be as useful if this person does not know you well</p>