Belen Jesuit Preparatory School, Miami, FL

<p>Can anybody provide me with specific feedback on the quality of academics and college placement for Belen Jesuit Preparatory School in Miami, FL. My son was admitted and we are gathering data to make our decision, Our other choices are Ransom Everglades, Gulliver and Palmer Trinity (Belen and Ransom are our first choices).</p>

<p>Feedback is greatly appreciated!!</p>


<p>Did you look on the school’s website? Many private schools will have a school profile that will list their college placement, standardized test score ranges, etc.</p>

<p>I wish I could have sent my son to Belen Jesuit but it was public school for him. If you can afford it, then don’t think twice. Go for Belen. I have lived in Miami all my life and over the years have met a few alumni (from US and Cuba), students, and teachers. The education is tops and the school offers many opportunities to those students willing to take advantage of it. Who you know matters but being genuine is just as important. The students and alumni I have met are very involved in community service including going overseas to do charitable work. They are also excellent fundraiser$. I also met some students from Key Club (Kiwanis) several years ago and they were the most polite kids I have ever come across. Samegoes for the parents. The teachers are great and the ones my husband knows really care about their students (and vice versa). I believe they have a summer camp. You may want to try it out in the summer first before making your decision. Heads up, in the summer girls are able to attend camp so the environment is a little different. Even though it’s Catholic there are those kids that tend to go off the path but the issues are at home and not at the school. No matter where you send your son just continue to keep an eye on who he befriends. Although, Ransom Everglades is known for being an excellent private school I really don’t know anyone that has attended. Good luck on your choice!</p>

<p>Happydad’s Miami relatives include graduates of just about all of those places, as well as Miami public schools. To be perfectly honest, the smartest, nicest, most stable of the whole lot graduated from a public and from Ransom. Who you are is much more important than the name on the school diploma. No high school can get your kid into College X if your kid isn’t College X material go begin with.</p>

<p>I believe Belen is the best choice . My son have been here since 6th grade and is now at 8th.
His change as a person have been incredible and what to tell about the academic progress . Your son will love this school and sooner than later he will be proud of being a Belen Boy. If he likes sports, this school is wonderlandia, almost any sport is practice here. It is the best education the money can buy in South Florida, and by the way, it is not a expense school when you compare with others. I hope the my response help you to make a decision .
Lazaro Santos</p>