Belmont Financial Package

Does anyone know when Belmont sends out there Financial Packages? My daughter has applied and been accepted to many schools, but Belmont is the only one she wants to go to, but I don’t know if I can afford it and the waiting is killing us!

I have recently received a leadership merit scholarship from Belmont, but nothing else.

We are in the same position @fan4luc have you heard anything regarding financial aid yet?

Last year we got our freshman package in the middle of March - last of all the schools to which he applied

I contacted the financial aid team, and was told that financial aids will be sent out first week of February.
A friend of a friend of mine, has already gotten his.
Now it’s just the waiting game.

@EnvyVanScarlet @MTmama19 have you received financial package yet? I think it will be soon.