Belmont - So many options!

Any of the other commercial / rock / pop / songwriting / music bus / industry kids are having a hard time (or had a hard time) choosing which program to apply for? I would describe D as a performer wanting to learn more about the business/industry side of things while being able to keep up with her voice, piano, and guitar lessons. She is also interested in an outside minor. When she looks at the classes required for each degree, she likes different things about all of them, but there are also things “missing” from each.

Does anyone happen to know if you can apply to multiple programs? She wants to apply early. We would like to go back for a 2nd visit and sit down with an admissions counselor to help her decide, but we may not be able to fit it in until later in the school year.

Belmont does have a lot of options and it would be interesting to hear from anyone with experience at the school. My daughter is also interested in many aspects of music and plays several instruments. We have a few years though. Hopefully someone can help sort it out.

@musicfamily There is a decent amount of info here on this forum re: Belmont by searching. I’m guessing I haven’t gotten any other replies because most kids could probably look at the programs and pick one! My D just keeps vacillating. I think the songwriting major has the best “mix” for my D, but from what I understand there are very limited spots. I don’t think she is confident and comfortable sharing her lyrics yet. So, I have a feeling she will apply (and audition) as a commercial music major because she could always switch to music business or industry if she changes her mind (or doesn’t get in).

That’s the new plan…as of today…and is subject to change!! :smiley:

PS: We visited about a year ago and really liked the campus, programs, people, etc. It’s worth checking out!

Sounds like a good plan! My daughter will definitely be a performance major, likely on violin. Really like the options at Belmont that really aren’t available anywhere else. Could make for some interesting electives. We’re looking at several schools because she’s not sure exactly what she wants yet, but there’s still plenty of time. Planning on her attending Belmont’s Strings Crossing camp next summer to check it out.