BELMONT U - Financial info for Music Education Major

Anyone share their experience with applying at Belmont and qualifying for scholarships?
My daughter has 4.0 GPA - 32 ACT - National Merit Commended Award - 1st Chair Clarinet/Section Band Leader-
Leadership - Community Service - IMEA - Math Team. Great student.
Unsure how to apply for best scholarships in her major. Any help appreciated.

@MidwestMusicEd has your daughter received her decision? I would assume that with her stats, she would qualify for Belmont’s top general merit scholarship, which is 10K. It doesn’t require any additional application.

One of my daughters friends with similar stats (maybe a higher GPA) was offered their presidential scholarship of 30K
So there is potential for a generous scholarship

From my experience, it depends on the pool of applicants. My oldest daughter applied to the school of business two years ago with a 35 ACT and a 4.6 weighted/3.99 unweighted GPA and was offered $15k/year. She had many extracurricular activities and leadership roles, as well. She did not get invited to interview for the Presidential Scholarships, and ended up choosing another school. My middle daughter got in for the Fall of 2018 and has received the $10k/yr general merit scholarship and is waiting to hear on either the $15k or Presidential! She has a 30 ACT and a 4.6 weighted/3.9 unweighted GPA. Fingers crossed and good luck to your daughter!