Belmont University Scholarship Chances

Hi! I was wondering if anyone was familiar with Belmont University and their higher scholarships. I have been accepted and already awarded 10k.
34 ACT
4.0 uw/ 5.7 w gpa
10 APs (5 5’s at the end of junior year) by the end of this year
top 20% of my class out of 600 people

With your outstanding grades, I don’t understand why you didn’t get a full ride!

My daughter is a freshman at Belmont now. She was an excellent student, involved in theater arts and choral and acapella singing groups, high GPA, several AP classes, and 1300 SAT. They gave $8000 in merit $. This didn’t seem too bad, given their total sticker price for room and board was the lowest cost of anywhere else she applied. I was told by Admissions Counselor, when we tried to negotiate for more $, that 10,000 is the max per year that anyone receives. Other schools she applied to in the Northeast region gave her anywhere from $22,000-35,000 in merit scholarship money, but their total sticker prices with room and board were much higher–anywhere from $60,000-75,000 a year. . .a big difference from Belmont total base price of $46,000. Good luck!

Belmont cost of attendance for 2019 (from their award letter) is $57,045 The cost of attendance the prior year was $53,010 Annual Cost increase over the last four years have averaged over 4%

These costs can vary as much as 4K per year depending on the specific housing to which your child is assigned/chooses I found their stated amounts to be reflective of the best housing/highest meal plan choice.

Hope it helps