<p>Hi, I'm a new poster looking for info/recommendations about Belmont, specifically for Commercial Music performance (guitar)/songwriting. Visited there with my son M two weeks ago and really loved it, but have not seen much info here about it and that has me a little worried! I know it's not a conservatory school which this site seems geared toward, and perhaps that is the reason for so little info. </p>



<p>Actually I assume it just goes unseen but I think it looks really cool, i was in Nashville visiting Blair school of music @ Vanderbilt just up the road from Belmont and I was recommended to see Belmont, unfortunately i couldn't get a tour in but the place looked cool and i liked the fact the commercial music program is open to really everything. You probably know more than me but I would assume it's a good bet if your son wants to do commercial stuff and not be stuck doing classical or jazz like at most schools. theres probably dozens of hidden gems that are out there but not well known, this means nothing against them though...i heard theres like 14 different colleges/uni's around nashville alone..every city i went to visit colleges i heard about these little ones that have good programs as well</p>

<p>Thanks - M doesn't play jazz or classical at all, or have any interest in studying them - he's been strictly rock/pop from the start. We have so far found only 4 schools in the East/midwest that offer contemporary music majors (he doesn't want to go out West.) Belmont seemed wonderful, but I really don't know what kind of reputation it has in the music world, especially in comparison to Berklee. We didn't meet any of the faculty on our visit, though after reading some of the things on this forum I think we may go back and try to have a sample lesson when M auditions. They did tell us that ALL of their instructors are professional musicians working somewhere in Nashville, either with the local symphony or theater groups or in bands; and it is an all-Steinway school, which I gather is a pretty big deal.</p>

<p>The head of admissions at the School of Music told us that Vanderbilt's Blair School is great, especially for strings and composition.</p>

<p>I see, what were the other 4 schools? i'm curious since i was out there and didn't see many contemporary programs..and yeah there really is nothing out on the west..i live in portland and i'm only looking at schools out east
well you really can't compare a school like belmont to a school like berklee...theres no point in that but you can compare it to other schools like it if you can, a smaller school like belmont wont stand up to berklee but that still doesn't mean it isn't a good option. and yes i gather that the music faculty at any nashville music school is pretty immeresd in the huge music scene there. lots of schools are all steinway, Oberlin conservatory has the most steinways outside of the factory itself</p>

<p>blair was ok, but it is ALL classical, nothing nothing nothing else so your son would not like that at all, i personally met with both guitar heads and they are great guys but it's probably not for me, it also has very high academic standards, vanderbilt itself is very prestigious</p>

<p>I'm actually going to visit Belmont in a few weeks. It seems like your son and I are in similar positions. Though I do play some jazz, contemporary styles of music have always been my favorite. </p>

<p>It seems to me that Belmont's Commercial Music Program is pretty top notch. From my standpoint (being a drummer) their 3 teachers are the best group of drum set faculty I've ever seen - Chester Thompson, Genesis; Zoro, Lenny Kravtiz; and Derico Watson; Victor Wooten. </p>

<p>Living in the Boston area as well as taking lessons at Berklee, I can truly say that Belmont (though I've not seen it) and Berklee are totally different. If your son wants some sort of campus life or "lets go to a football game this Saturday" type feel, Berklee's out of the question. It all depends on what kind of atmosphere and college life he is looking for. </p>

<p>One good thing is that both Boston and Nashville have good music scenes which would definitely lead to things like gigging around the city as well as making connections. </p>

<p>What other schools are you looking at?</p>

<p>EDIT: From reading 18Karat's post I just wanted to say that regarding contemporary music out in the western part of the country, there are actually quite a few.</p>

<p>USC - they have a "Popular Music" Major</p>

<p>Musicians Institute - makes Berklee look like Ohio State (or any other "traditional" college) but definitely Contemporary!</p>

<p>University of Denver - Jazz/Commercial Music Major offered </p>

<p>Cornish College of the Arts - still a jazz degree, but has ensembles in all styles </p>

<p>Cal Arts might have some contemporary music stuff too</p>

<p>Hope that helps</p>

<p>Eh I went to musicians institute, not my thing at all, just a bunch of teen shredders wanking around, i don't want to be in a situation with a million guitarists which is what people flock to MI for...
I personally am looking for jazz programs i was just curious at contemporary ones, that the Lamont school of music? that was on my radar.
I really just don't want to be on the west coast anymore, i need change :)
I may at least apply to one or two west coast schools in case though so i'll check those out thank you</p>

<p>Yeah I mean, you can't miss USC is your looking for contemporary music in a college setting.</p>

<p>I agree about MI. </p>

<p>Lamont is part of UDenver. The jazz/commercial program still looks pretty heavy on jazz rather than contemporary.</p>

<p>honestmom, Belmont is a fine program, and often mentioned here. The poster henrob has direct experience and may be worth you sending a private message through CC's features.</p>

<p>The poster PamalaMaeSnap has a d at Berklee as a singer/songwriter. You may want to pm her as well.</p>

<p>Some Belmont specific threads:</p>

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<p>This may help you navigate and find information <a href=""&gt;;/a> Note the use of the master threads as described as a source for finding posters and major or school specific info.</p>

<p>Posts by raddad and SteveM may also prove useful to you. You can search by username as well.</p>

<p>Thanks, violadad!! I did a search for Belmont and it came up pretty empty. That's why I started this thread. </p>

<p>18karat, the schools we found with contemporary music majors were Berklee, Belmont, Columbia College in Chicago, and McNally/Smith (though the latter is strictly a for-profit music school and not really a "college" like the others) I know there are others like USC out west, but M doesn't want to go too far from home. (we are in PA and have family in Mass., Kentucky, Georgia, and Florida. </p>

<p>funkydrummer, thanks for the info about the drum instructors at Belmont. I'm a little surprised they didn't mention that during our visit, but I think there weren't any drummers there that day. They did say that Brad Paisley went there and comes back to do workshops on guitar, which is very cool as he is one of the best guitarists around. One thing I thought was interesting was that only 40% of the music produced in Nashville is country. They really bragged on the Commercial Music program - but of course, all schools brag on these visit days! Also, 70% of the stiudent body is from outside Tennessee. The day we visited there were kids from New Jersey, Maryland, Florida, and Georgia. So I guess the school has gotten a lot of attention around the country.</p>

<p>Look at the New School's Jazz and Contemporary offering as well, although it may be a bit too much of a jazz focus.</p>