Beloit Class of 2023

I got accepted to Beloit with Presidential Scholarship worth 32k per year. Any alumni or current students who could give honest reviews on the college?
I’m still waiting for other college decisions so not rushing into anything.

Same. I am an international student and I got accepted with the same scholarship. However, I still cannot afford it. I asked for Need based aid but seems like they didn’t give me any so yeah.

My daughter is a junior transfer and got the same scholarship for transfer students. She came from another Lac. She is extremely happy at Beloit. They are very supportive of what she wants to do. She says the students and teachers are educationally curious. They want to learn. Most have been welcoming to her being a junior. She made quickly close bonds with several professors and many have helped her get presentations on her research to main organizations that will only help her in the future.

When she and others presented their research to students and family present, 3 faculty that she is close to, came to hear just her presentation and asked questions, then left to go back to work. I couldn’t believe they came just to support my daughter. I thought that was very cool.

If you want a small Lac and want to be challenged educationally, there are few better places.

There are things to do around campus. Many have cars and go venturing also. It’s a safe area overall.

I want to add for such a small Lac it is nicely a diverse student body. More so then I have seen on other campuses. Also there is an international push for students. Might want to ask again but all Lacs are struggling for funds etc. Also

Congratulations on your scholarship.

Thanks for the great review. I received my financial awards letter and it’s pretty affordable actually. COA with 13k and 5k with loans. I’m waiting for decisions from a few other schools but Beloit seems like a great fit.
How is the environment outside the college? I don’t expect it to be free from crimes or anything but is it safe to walk around the streets?
Also, does your daughter like the dorms and residential life in general?
Thanks a lot.

She came in as a junior transfer and was surprised she needed to be in a junior dorm vs an apartment. It was OK with single rooms for Juniors and like 6 kids sharing a main kitchen /living room. OK size room with bed, desk etc. She didn’t care for it since she came from living in a theater house at her other school.

So… She joined a food co-op and made dinner nightly with a group of like 12 kids. They would go to a living community house on campus to use the kitchen. A lot of the kids lived there and she really liked these kids. They made vegetarian dinners nightly together or something like that.

Soooo. When she found out there was an opening in the house she applied and now in her second semester there loves living in the house with like minded students.

Very safe to walk around. Just use common sense. She has joined activities /clubs that she enjoys. She likes the students there as whole. She’s very comfortable there if that makes sense.

This board isn’t very active FYI but don’t let that discourage you. If your able to visit do so. I really like the students population personally. They seem very friendly overall.

Thanks a lot