Beloit vs Knox - Education major

Hi. I am considering between Beloit and Knox.
I want to major in Education, along with a self-designed major which is either Child development or family studies.
I am planning to pursue Master and Doctor of Education or Family Studies or Child Development.
At first, Beloit was attractive for its good writing curriculum and producing many Ph.Ds. Now, Knox is little more attractive for it grants me the opportunity for research, higher ranking in education (according to Niche), and producing many Ph.Ds. Also, I heard that Knox is calmer than Beloit in terms of having hipsters in its population… but still I am considering Beloit for its own advantages.
Both are good liberal arts colleges, and I need to pay $25,000 per year for both colleges.
With a most-possibly objective view, which one would you recommend?
Thank you for your answer!

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Congratulations on the two acceptances!

Is the $25,000/year affordable for your family? Will anyone be required to take out loans? Does this include room & board?

Academically, I think either school will give you a good preparation for your future endeavors. Rankings are not always very helpful, and Niche is really just one data point. How many professors are in the departments? What courses are offered? How many students are in the major? Is the department increasing in size (good), staying the same (fine), or decreasing in size (not so good)? Look at the research interests of the faculty. Are there particular professors you would like to work with? If so, you might even want to reach out to them and see about the process to get a spot in their lab or as a research assistant. What kind of research opportunities are at each? Is there a study abroad program at one vs the other where you could still take classes in your major? Have you mapped out what 8-semesters at each college would look like based on distribution requirements, major requirements, etc? Do the distribution requirements excite you or are you dreading them?

Have you visited both campuses? The feel of a university, particularly when it’s on the smaller side, is very important. How important is the climate to you? Would you have any interest in living in Illinois or Wisconsin after you finish your grad studies? What kind of internships are students getting in your field? What kinds of grad school placements are they getting? Are there special opportunities available at one that makes you like it more (i.e. a particular living learning community, or an unusual club that you’d like to participate in, or a better system for orienting new students and helping them acclimate and form social bonds)?

Do you know anybody who’s attending either of these universities? If so, speak to them. If not, reach out to to your social network or to the university to see if they can put you in contact with them.

Best of luck as this decision is made!

ETA: Thanks for pointing out I put the wrong state for Knox, @Publisher! It’s been corrected to reflect Illinois. :slight_smile:


Paging @knowstuff whose D attended Beloit.

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My daughter attended Beloit and looked at Knox. She felt like the 2 campuses had very different vibes. She found Beloit to be more relaxed and Knox felt like it would a pressure cooker.

She was and Ed major and Beloit and really enjoyed her experiences in the department