Benacquisto Scholarship

Hello All,

I was just confirmed as a NMSF. I was pretty sure this would happen, so I had researched NMF schools for a while. UF seemed like a great school within my reach, but then the Florida legislature (supposedly) eliminated the full ride for OOS students. However, after researching it now, the official Benacquisto PDF and the UF website both say that OOS COA will be fully covered. I would love to go to UF (I thought FSU was the next best full ride school, and I do not like it as much). Can anyone clarify? This massively affects my college list.


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I have seen that forum, too, but the websites have no change. If the scholarship is truly gone, does UF give ANY money to NMF’s? If so, how much?

Benacquisto is definitely dead for OOS students graduating in '22 and beyond. Here’s a primary source:

From this year’s Benacquisto PDF: “NOTE: Non-Florida residents will no longer be accepted into the Benacquisto Scholarship Program for the 2022-23 academic year and beyond.”

By all accounts, UF is not offering National Merit money for any OOS students any more, although they do have some okay general scholarships that many NMFs would be strong candidates for. Some of the other Florida schools (e.g. USF) are continuing it, however, out of their own pockets – more info on the thread linked above.


Can I know the full list of those schools that are continuing?

Look at lists from last year and check the website of the schools that interest you to see what they are offering this year.

You may start for example with Class of 2022 National Merit Discussion - Scores Release - Financial Aid & Scholarships / National Merit Scholarships - College Confidential Forums