benefits of taking old SAT--class of 2006

<p>are there any benefits of taking the old SAT if you are in the class of 2006?</p>

<p>If you have a strong vocabulary and would do well in the analogies, then your verbal score might be higher on the old version. But you might have to take the new version as well, because some schools will require it for 2006 and might view your avoidance of the new one as perhaps a reflection of weak writing skills.</p>

<p>The new one tests math at a bit of a higher level, too...</p>

<p>I would say the benefit for the class of 2006 depends on the college to which you are applying. Many are requiring the new SAT and will not use old SAT scores at all. Some are going to use the best score from either test. Some will accept the old SAT and you don't even have to take the new one. You need to check with admissions. Everywhere DD has been (she's class of 2006) the universities will not accept the old SAT at all.</p>

<p>My daughter has found the same thing as thumper - most schools she's talked to are saying they want juniors to have the new SAT. I'm sure there are exceptions, however.</p>

<p>Son is a junior and adcom at Penn who met with DD and DS said old SAT is fine just need to have SATII writing done by the January test. Duke rep said the same thing.</p>

<p>Just wanted to give y'all a heads up.</p>

(I am so getting into this southern twang!)</p>

<p>Could you tell us which schools said they would not accept Old SAT + SAT II writing?</p>


<p>Katwkittens, that's the weirdest thing....all the Ivies I know of have said that if you are CURRENTLY applying ED then of course the old one will do since the new one isn't available --- but NOT for the class of 2006!</p>

<p>Whatever the case may be, if you are class of 2006, I would NOT RISK ignoring the new one since so many schools require it.</p>

<p>From the Harvard Admission Website's FAQ:</p>



<p>From the Yale Admission Website's FAQ:</p>



<p>I have not heard of other Ivies refusing the old SAT. Those contemplating offering the old SAT should plan on taking the SAT-II Writing by January, the last time it will be offered.</p>

<p>Marite is right - my apologies. I could not edit my post but I meant to say NON-IVIES - at least the ones <em>I</em> know about! My point was going to be (but I typed in a rush) that given how hard it is to get into an Ivy, I would still suggest taking both. A safety or other school may require it, so you might as well put it on the schedule.</p>

<p>In a conversation with my D last night, she happened to mention that NYU will accept ONLY the new SAT with the class of 2006 graduating h/s, i.e., today's juniors.</p>

<p>When asked in June, Williams, Skidmore, Hamilton, Allegheny, Centre, Sewanee, and Rhodes all gave the same answer as Yale.</p>

<p>I just posted this under SAT and ACT Tests. According to a Penn rep who met with students at our high school, students graduating in 2006 are encouraged to take the
new SAT I (which includes Writing). Although not specified on the Web site, she said
a decision had been made to have these same students take 3 SAT IIs; however, this info re: the number of SAT IIs is still not on the Web site so perhaps it is not yet set in concrete. Just be certain to check with each school re: new SAT I and number of
SAT IIs required for class of 2006.</p>

<p>The College board has a list of schools that will require a "writing" test - it is unclear to me if this means that they want the new SAT or if the old SAT and the SAT II writing section will be enough. As Marite says, the SAT II writing test will be offered for the last time in January so if you're planning on submitting the old SAT to these schools (including Duke), you probably should plan on taking it. I think it's safe to assume that this list is not comprehensive as it is based on schools self-reporting to the college board. Here's the link:</p>

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