Bennington College EA 2022

Hi everyone. Is there anyone who applied EA to Bennington?

I did!

hey! have you been interviewed? Don’t you mind sharing your stats?

yes I was interviewed!

I have a 3.88 gpa uw, 40/200 class rank, 3 honors/7 aps/3 dual enrollment classes throughout high school, & i applied test optional, and am in 4 honor societies (science, music, drama, and national honors)

for extracurriculars I put down: i founded a club called the diversity coalition, played violin in the chamber orchestra, (3 years) & sang in the chamber choir (4 years), participated in my schools drama program all 4 years, I’ve been performing professionally since before high school but was in many musicals and concerts outside of school, I’m the president/leader of my religious youth group, VP of the music honor society, and helped run a fundraiser where we are distributing tree saplings to the community to offset the carbon from our schools paper usage.

I haven’t heard anything from them yet though!

WOW, that’s strong, especially your ECs.

I was also interviewed, but I didn’t do it that well. It lasted for only 15 minutes, the shortest interview ever.

I have a 1470 SAT, 4.83/5 GPA UW(I’m international), no class rank, no IB/AP.

I’ve been playing on the guitar for 8 years, was a chess club assistant(2 years), was a part of school math&robotics clubs (2 years), and was a writer at school journal (1 year).

I think you’ve got decent chances.

As stated in their admission website, the EA decisions will be available in late January. So we have to wait for 1-2 weeks

you too!!

hmm that’s strange about the interview… my interview was i think around 35 minutes, but honestly I thin k alot of the time was taken up with small talk because there was a huge snowstorm in vermont and they had lost power but we managed to do the interview anyway but there were some struggles. Maybe 15 minutes is just the average time? We honestly spent about 20 minutes talking about important stuff anyway.

Is bennington one of your top choices?

I guess we’ll hear soon, very exciting!
let me know what your decision is!

well, I wasn’t feeling that good during the interview, perhaps that’s the reason why it finished so fast. As an international, aid is everything. I just hope that I have some chances to get accepted at any US college with full-ride, which is extremely hard. Although Bennington isn’t my top choice, I wouldn’t mind ending up there.

Good luck with your decision, I’m rooting for you!

Doesn’t anyone know when decisions come out? They told me in December that it will be like 3rd week of January, but it is kind of late already :confused:

I’ve searched the Instagram of Bennington but there’s no info about the decisions, unfortunately.

btw, are you an international student?

my counselor said it would be out today (Janu, 24)

seems like i’ll wait till the morning to receive the rejection

Did your decision come out? Mine didn’t yet

same. nothing

DECISIONS ARE OUT!!! I got in :slight_smile:

Congo bongo! I got rejected

I got deferred