Bennington EA applicants

I applied EA to Bennington and since results will come in around 2 more weeks I decided to start this thread.

Same here, @Noone56778 . Thanks for starting the thread - did you do an interview? What are you planning to major in?

Yes @Orcus2020 I did do a skype interview. I am planning to major in Political Economy. What about you?

Comp sci and theater @Noone56778 . Thanks for starting this thread. Have you had a chance to visit the campus? I’m gonna try to go check it out over spring break if I get accepted.

@Orcus2020 I am actually an international student, so I cannot visit the campus even though I really want to.

I hear you, @Noone56778 - I would have to fly in because I live pretty far away, too. If I get accepted, it will definitely be on the list to visit if the merit aid is comparable to what I’ve already received.

@Orcus2020 Bennington looks like a good place, but they take just too long to give the EA decisions. It has already been a long wait for me and there are still few more days to go.

Does anyone know how will I be informed of the decision? Will a mail be sent or will the decision get directly uploaded in my portal?

I just got an email about the decision, @Noone56778 . It went into my spam folder. The email said that a decision had been made, and then there is a link in your portal to click to find out. Was not expecting a decision until Feb 1. Email came at 6:10 p.m. EST.

Unfortunately, I was rejected.

ACT 31
3.75 UW/ 4.1 weighted

Bummer. I really liked what I read about the school, but the incoming freshman class is really small. I’m sure there are many other applicants who have much better stats and ECs than I do. I feel blessed to have fantastic merit with other acceptances, so will think of it this way: they saved spots for people for whom the school would be a better fit. It all works out the way it’s supposed to. :smile:

I got rejected to.

1470 SAT
800 maths ii, 800 Phys
3.93/4 gpa

Anyways it wasn’t my first choice, after i got admitted to Purdue, Madison and more importantly, i didn’t recieve their skype interview call?

I got deferred. Does anyone know whether it is possible to schedule a second Skype interview with admission directors?

Congrats, @Noone56778 - I would reach out to your area admission counselor. There’s a link where you can schedule a Skype call, if i remember correctly, underneath your ad comm’s profile.

@Noone56778 Be sure to send your regional representative a letter of continued interest (LoCI) to request another interview, and let them know about any activities or updates, since you submitted your application.
Be sure to c.c. it to the main admission address.

You should also share the fact that you’re still quite interested - as well as still an interesting candidate - despite the deferral.