Bentley Class of 2027 Official Thread

100k and they deferred you until January?

So $20K per year. Sounds like it was another super competitive year. Probably giving the January slot to people they want (better than getting wait-listed), but not enough slots for Fall. Thats super frustrating, I would think. Is it your #1? I would still go, if it is. You still got in. But personal choice.

I mean $25K per year.

My son got in and got a merit scholarship. what about need based grants? Do they also release at the same time as the merit scholarship?

I think it depends. My daughter got in, and they only gave her merit. After several conversations with the financial aid office, it seems that aid-based funds don’t come easy. always worth having a conversation with them.

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Bentley is not known for huge amounts of need based aid. They are not going to meet the EFC in FAFSA for most students.

Run their net price calculator and compare what they have offered.

Based on the data - they do not have a huge endowment and do not claim to meet 100% of need.

Cost by household income

The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System[

Household income Average cost after aid
Less than $30,000 $23,297
$30,001–48,000 $27,303
$48,001–75,000 $31,754
$75,001–110,000 $40,226
More than $110,001 $50,161
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Bentley was my safety so I was kinda shocked about the january admissions but also large sum of scholarship… I am still hearing back from other schools (recently got into northeastern, waitlisted at williams)

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My daughter was accepted back in December ED1, still haven’t heard WLP. The WLP information page says that notifications are made late March, I would hope that they would notify either way accepted or not.


I also agree that they don’t meet 100% of need and they have never claimed that they would. However, I do not believe it’s accurate to say they look at family income alone. Since they use the CSS profile, they also look at families assets. Your family can have a very low income but possess a lot of assets so the calculator is not an accurate representation.


Absolutely, that just provides a baseline number to state to analyze the actual package. If it comes close to what was offered there may not be much wiggle room at all to request more. If their net price calculator is not aligned to their formula used with their CSS or other metrics it will be off for some, but they will still probably not be able to get more aid.

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Bentley’s regular admission timeframe says late March so I am thinking that means same as regular decision.

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Congrats on Northeastern - incredible school! Sounds like you will have lots of great options. Good for you.

My daughter was accepted ED1, she sent admissions an email after not hearing about WLP on Friday, and they just responded that she wasnt accepted into the program. They stated that it was a very competitive pool, and again congratulated her on her early acceptance. She’s disappointed, her GPA and ECs made her a great candidate, not sure what else they were looking for.

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My daughter was accepted ED1 as well and we sent admissions an email on Friday RE: WLP. We were told we would be notified today. I am wondering if they knew on Friday and didn’t want to tell us.

Congratulations on your daughter’s acceptance to BU!
I am very excited our daughter chose Bentley. It seems like the ideal fit.