Bentley ED/RD Admissions decisions Class of 2025

I have been waitlisted to Bentley, in the past when does the campus notify us with decisions. Also any tips to get off the waitlist?

@iamdesperate First, will you provide your stats so others in future years can see what numbers got in and what got waitlisted? Also, if you get in or don’t ultimately, please update for future students to see. Now, onto getting you off of the waitlist. I have helped students accomplish this at Ivy schools and I am sure the same will work with Bentley:

  1. Communicate with your admissions counselor and ask them if there is anything they recommend you do to get off of the waitlist. If true, tell them that Bentley is your first choice (this is very important). Explain why you want to attend Bentley. Be specific to show you know the school and would be a good fit there. Have you visited? Tell them that and what made it special. Go into detail about clubs you want to be a part of courses or programs you are interested in. Be brief, but make your words matter.
  2. Update your college resume. If you do not have one, do one immediately. has great free resume templates you can use (they charge for some, so just choose a free one). Think about adding a photo. My theory is that it is harder to say no to a face, but easy to just a name (make the photo show your personality). Try to keep it to one page, but use two if you have enough to report. This is your brag sheet, do not be shy. All of your ECs, work experience and honors, or anything that makes you unique should be on there. Don’t be boring! Don’t be shy! If you need an example, pm me and I can send you one of the ones I did for my kids (one got into Bentley(. Also in your 2nd email to the counselor, send the resume, and also in the email body, tell the counselor of anything new you did in senior year and if your GPA improved, tell them that too.
  3. Send a final email to the counselor. So, do one now, one in about 7-14 days, and a final one right on May 1. That is when they start to pull folks off of the waitlist, but they are thinking about who they will fight for now. Make the final one a quick email, reminding them how much you want to attend Bentley, that it is your number one choice if true. Try to be memorable. Make it your own and show your personality.

Thanks for the advice, here are my stats,

No SAT submission
3.71 GPA W
1 AP, 3 Honors
Unique EC’s, Lots of volunteer work
3 Recommendation letters


@iamdesperate Your stats are competitive. Did you do an SAT? Is it within their 50%? If so, reporting it might help you too.