Berea College Application Update 2020

Hey there! Has anyone received an update on application status yet? I am a prospective international student.

I haven’t received it, and I’m a prospective international student as well (from Nepal)

I didn’t receive it yet. I just sent them an email this morning to ask for more information about when to expect it, but didn’t get a reply yet.
btw, I’m a prospective international student too

haven’t received it too.

Can you guys share your stats?
I m applying to BC too as an international applicant from Nepal.

Well, I’m applying for the Computer Science program. Here are my stats:
GPA : 3.5 Unweighted
SAT : 1460
Toefl : 113
ECs : Not a lot of volunteer stuffs, but plenty of debate events won as well as some major MUN events. Involved in some student government stuff as well. :smiley:

Also international but reapplicant. I haven’t received anything yet neither, and I emailed them last week, and no replies :frowning:

Did anybody receive as junk mail a DHL notification today? I am applying to other colleges too so I don’t know who is sending me this mail. But if any of you received it, maybe berea could be sending it.

1470 sat
101 toefl
4.0 gpa
international student
lots of ecs and awards
havent received an email yet tho. Do i stand a chance???

Which country are you from? @LebronJames420

@NepaliBoy123 From nepal

I think it is so weird that we are not receiving anything yet. Last year, the update was on the 15th.

@yourbasicgirl You think i got any chance? idk how competitive berea is, so im kinda lost.

Let be with you

What do they say in application update email anyways? Is it like “hey, ur very likely to get in/not to get in” or “thnx for applying, wait for the decision in April”

@LebronJames420 yeah, definitely. Your stats are actually above the average, so I will say you have a high chance of getting in. But you never know haha

Well, I THINK you can already have a final decision by January. I got rejected last year by January, so based on that I guess you can get accepted as well. That’s all I know

@LebronJames420 Those stats are really high when compared to the average on prep scholar. However they say that there are other things that are equally important as well like your essays/recommendations/actual financial need. Regardless, we’ll find out soon enough!

What were some of the stats of accepted students during previous years? Is berea competitive or nah? Cause there literally is 0 info online about it. And is it good for Computer science?

Hey! In email they said that I need to wait for final decision in April. Is it good? Did you get something different?