Berea College Fall 2021 International Applicants

Any intl applicants for the fall 2021 intake? Lets talk.

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yes. me. hi

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Hello, i applied, could you guys also state your country @supaloaf2K and @jupisaturn. Where r you from

Hey @Legit00 and @jupisaturn. I’m from Kenya, how about you guys?

I am Nigeria

I am not an international applicant or an applicant at all (I do know one) and I was wondering if international students can apply early action? If not, when are you expecting your decisions?

There is only one admission cycle for international applicants. The deadline is November 30th which is quite early. Applicants receive an update of their application in January (this email is mainly about whether “you have moved to the next phase” or “we will stop reviewing your application”); Then the final decision comes out no later than March 30th.


Hello everyone!
I am an international student thinking of applying for fall 2022. Could you please suggest me the things I should be aware of to make my profile good enough to be selected?.